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Written on 03 September 2019
By: Fabrizio Capobianco joins Minerva Networks

When we started seven years ago, we had a dream: a world where nobody will ever watch TV alone.

TV has always been social. First, there was one TV per town, with people getting together to watch. Then, a TV per family, with family and friends gathered in the living room. Now, it is a TV per pocket, with everyone watching videos alone.

We aimed to change that, and make TV social again.

We started with baseball and football (American, that is) because we felt sports where the first market for us to address. Then we built TOK Oscar, to allow friends to talk to each other while watching the Oscar Night. 70% of users were female, and we learned that ladies like to talk too... So we started dreaming about building a platform to allow anyone to watch anything on TV with friends.

Then, in 2013, Juventus asked us to build a social platform for their fans. They are my soccer team, the actual reason why I started I could only say yes.

I moved to Silicon Valley 20 years ago. When I lived in Italy, I would watch every match with friends and family. In the US, I started watching Juve alone and I felt it was really depressing. I rescued a dog (Bobby) and we watched a ton of soccer together. Still, I felt a human discussion would be more fun... was the answer.

We built Juventus Live, then we brought our Social Button to Real Madrid, and the rest is history. We focused solely on sports, and today 40 millions people have used our platform across all our partners' apps.

We always believed, though, that we could change the future of television. Not just in sports: for anything on TV. We clearly knew that we could not do it alone, and we went looking for a partner. One that would deliver live television for millions of people. One that could integrate our Social Button and allow us to go beyond sports.

We found it in Minerva Networks. Over 300 TV operators worldwide have deployed Minerva’s software platforms, delivering live television to millions of users every day (including sports, of course). In every corner of the planet. The perfect partner for us, headquartered in Silicon Valley with a development center in Europe.

This is why has joined Minerva. As their new Chief Innovation Officer based in San Jose (California), I will be focusing on making our dream a reality, while managing the team (which remains liquid). We are extremely excited, and we are looking forward to this new chapter.

Together with Minerva, we will make TV social (again). Nobody will ever watch TV alone. Stay tuned. The future of television just started.

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