El Clásico: a Social TV story

Written on 26 November 2015
By: Emanuela Zaccone

When two of the most important clubs in the world meet, records are broken.

El Clásico, “the classic” Real Madrid match against FC Barcelona - the teams with the biggest fan base on Facebook - set incredible numbers on the field and outside of it.

The game - which, according to SkySports, had an estimated global TV audience of 400 million people - had a huge impact on Social TV: during the last week, almost 980K tweets containing the hashtag #ElClasico were sent, while fans from all over the world turned to the official apps of the clubs to live the match with friends.

Almost 400K fans enhanced their experience using the TOK.tv Social Button inside the official Real Madrid and Barcelona apps, to talk about the game with their friends, take Social Selfies and send fun sounds, sharing the emotion of watching El Clásico together from all over the world.

40% of fans cheered from Americas, 31% from Europe, 19% from Asia, 9% from Africa and 1% from Oceania.

More than 48K Social Selfie were taken during the game, with the 88% of them coming from FC Barcelona fans (which is not that surprising, looking at the score...). At every Barça goal, a wave of selfies. However, Real Madrid fans did not give up easily. They kept cheering with a big push at half time, with a huge "Hala Madrid!" shout (amazing, considering the team was already down 2-0). Sadly, it did not help the final score...El Clasico Social Selfies

El Clasico

Fans of the teams made a lot of noise too, sending more than 158k fun sounds, Santiago Bernabeu and Camp Nou cheers, bringing home the emotion of the stadium.

Check all the numbers in this infographic:

El Clásico on TOK.tv

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