We are growing faster than expected...

Written on 09 May 2017
By: Fabrizio Capobianco

So, we are hiring again. This time it is a Unix devops guru.

We do not care where you live, because we are a liquid company. We have no office anywhere, so you can work from wherever you want (a boat, an island, a mountain, a co-working space, your home office, and so on). The only constraint is that you need to show up in person once a quarter to our retreats, which are kind of parties (where we work) in cool locations. If you join fast, you might participate to our next retreat in June in Sardinia, Italy.

We are looking for someone that can help keep in check 20M users growing really fast, in multiple geographies (we just launched a new infrastructure in China, so if you speak Mandarin, that would be a plus). On the backend, we use Linux, mySQL, XMPP, a lot of AWS stuff (S3, Elastic Cache, CloudFront, Route 53 and more). We have server code in Java, Erlang, ruby, node, scripts, the whole shabang. You are not going to be bored.

We work with sports. That means the servers need to be up and running (in particular) when there are games. Yep, that is Saturday and Sunday as well. On three continents. If you want a 9-5 job, we are not it.

If you are not a guru, please do not bother applying. We need someone with seniority, who knows its stuff. Sadly, we have no time to teach anybody. We need someone who can teach us.

If you are out there, ping us at jobs at tok.tv. We would like to know you better.

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