INFOGRAPHIC: the UEFA Champions League so far by the numbers

Written on 11 December 2015
By: Emanuela Zaccone

96 Games and 277 goals after, the UEFA Champions League group stage - which started in September - is over.

During these months, more than 2.6 millions of fans from all over the world cheered for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus using the social button inside the official apps.
They are enough to fill the Camp Nou 26.3 times and they made a lot of noise too, sending more than 438K fun sounds and stadium cheers.
Supporters also shared the passion for the clubs with their friends through social media, taking and sending more than 160K Social Selfies.

Can you guess which was the most social engaging game? And the match with the highest number of goals? Check out all the numbers in our infographic and get ready to talk to your friends and share the emotion of watching the round of 16 together with!

UCL group stage infographic

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