Italian Lega B powers its official app with social features

Written on 21 December 2016
By: Emanuela Zaccone

We are proud to announce that the Social Button is now integrated into the Italian Lega B official app.

Lega B is the second division in the Italian football league system, following Serie A. Fans can now share the emotion of watching their favorite Lega B teams on TV by talking with their friends about the games, sending stadium cheers and funs sounds, and taking social selfies - wherever they are. And when the game is over, the fun continues with messages and group chats. Fans can send text messages, images, and voice recordings. All for free.

Lega B and

With more than 10 million Italian Lega B fans and a Facebook audience of 1.4 million, the 22 Lega B teams fanbase accounts for over 100,000 season ticket subscriptions.

Federico Smanio, Head of Digital Transformation and Fan Relationship Management of Lega B, declared: “This partnership will allow us to raise the bar in the digital transformation path of the Lega B ecosystem. Thanks to the Social Button integration, our official app will offer fans an innovative digital and social media experience, while giving them the chance to live the games as if they were at the stadium by using their mobile devices.

With the increasing importance of instant messaging services in the world of sports, we are glad to announce a partnership like this that puts us on the same level as Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus whose official apps are also integrated with and at the cutting edge of user engagement. Fans of Lega B teams will now be able to talk and message with their friends, sharing and living that passion which is the core of our league.

In addition, this partnership with will enhance our digital assets and revenues, thanks to advertising campaigns from our partners as well as through digital goods we’ll be selling next year.”

“Watching games alone is depressing. Football is always better with friends. is the living dream of more than 15 million users worldwide, from Barcelona to Juventus fans, who can now enjoy games with their friends, even if they are apart. We are thrilled to bring to Lega B’s devoted fans. You should never watch a game without friends, and with you can always experience the excitement of a game together” said Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO.

Check out the Lega B app and use the social features today. Download it here and enjoy the league’s games like never before!


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