The new TOK Football Report is out

Written on 21 October 2016
By: Emanuela Zaccone

The TOK Football Report for the third quarter of 2016 is here, and with it comes a completely new look, noteworthy metrics, and fresh insights.

We focused on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this quarter due to the increase of social engagement that all the teams and leagues are doing on these channels, supporting the significant role that social media plays in their content and engagement strategies.

Rankings take into account the social fan bases of the top ten teams. Although these teams did not change much in their positions from the previous quarter, other teams - especially the ones promoted to first league at the end of the previous season - recorded a huge jump forward.
Real Madrid and FC Barcelona were ranked among the world’s most valuable soccer teams by Forbes, and dominate on social media as well reaching more than 300M fans worldwide.

TOK Football Report - Facebook Top 10

More and more, Instagram is becoming an important part of every team’s content strategy.
Clearly, photos are still king, while videos account for only 10% of content on the channel by seven out of the top ten teams. 

TOK Football Report - Instagram Top 10 engagement

In general, English Premier League and Spanish La Liga teams have larger social bases than all the other teams combined.  This increase can equate to higher engagement rates for the next quarter, when national championships will be fully running.

Check out more fascinating social media results from the top 10 European leagues and all the National teams. Download the report here and join the conversations with the hashtag #TOKFootballReport.

Finally, track the Facebook daily ranking here for a quick glance at all the monitored teams.

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