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21 October 2015

The #TOKFootballReport 3Q 2015 is out!

How did the top football clubs and national teams performed on Social Media during the 3Q 2015? Find it out with the brand new #TOKFootballReport!
24 September 2015

The TV App Economy and the future of audience, developers and marketers

Streaming is on the rise and global access to content can turn into new opportunities. But what does it mean? There are at least three actors to be considered in the upcoming TV App Economy scenario: viewers, advertisers and apps developers.
10 September 2015

Apple TV: 3 reasons why it will change TV. Again

Apps, a complete entertainment experience and Siri integration. The brand new Apple TV is here (to stay).
09 September 2015

Apple Special Event September 2015 Live Twitter Feed

Do you want to stay updated about Apple Special Event? Stop asking Siri a hint and start following our live tweet here!
15 July 2015

#TOKFootballReport: the state of teams on Social Media during the first half of 2015

It's that time of the year: Summer is finally here, players and transfer market is on and it is definitely time to look back at what happened so far on Social Media.
30 June 2015

Facebook and Twitter video autoplay: searching for the right metrics

There is a sort of gold rush to make value out of videos. But are they going to change advertising?
12 June 2015

Which team dominated on Social Media during the last football season?

Social Media have a significant role in defining the value of a brand online and, as a matter of fact, football teams are brands when talking about marketing strategies.
13 April 2015

#TOKFootballReport: the state of soccer on Social Media

What’s the state of major soccer clubs, leagues and national teams on Social Media? Find it out with our latest report!
01 April 2015

Share the odor of watching TV together!

It's an exciting time here at!
26 March 2015 wins the SportsTech Pitch competition! was voted as best startup both by judges and the audience during the SportsTech Pitch competition.
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