The TOK Football Report Q4 2016 is out

Written on 08 February 2017
By: Emanuela Zaccone

After proclaiming the Winter champions in all the European championships, we are now less than five months away from discovering who will win the title in each country.

But looking back at the past quarter, can we tell which teams were the champs on social media?

That’s what we did with our brand new #TOKFootballReport. It focuses on which teams fans followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in Q4 2016.

If we take a look at these social media channels, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United keep dominating the rankings, with a huge fan base of 414.6M users worldwide.

Actually, the teams from Premier League and La Liga alone have more fans than all the other leagues together, with 682.7M users versus 350M.

TOK Football Report

So which are the top 10 teams on every channel? And what about National teams?

Check out more fascinating social media results from the top 10 European leagues and all the National teams.

Download the report here and join the conversations with the hashtag #TOKFootballReport.

Finally, track the Facebook daily ranking here for a quick glance at all the monitored teams.

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